Best Folding Bike Helmet : “Gear up for Safety!”

Since the unlimited options available in the market selecting the best one is not a cakewalk!! By minding this we have listed the best folding bike helmet according to expert cycling and bikers.

Without complete protection, riding a bike can be dangerous, so get the best bike helmet with fingerless gloves for motorcycle.

The customers of all listed products are satisfied and happy to have it. Because all units are combined with simplicity and functionality with providing high comfort and safety. 

So say goodbye to your bulky Helmet!! And pick any by following our list, it will surely add comfort zone in your lifestyle!!

Top  5 Best Folding Bike Helmet is shown below:

1. 174Hudson Stack Portable Helmet

174Hudson Stack Portable Helmet

Brilliant Bikes comes with the best foldable helmet for a bike. This is the small helmet with Huge Possibilities.  With modern styling, backed by a double safety its stack delivers unrivaled space.

The weight of this best folding bike helmet is only 330 grams. Due to the stack structure, it reduces by almost 50% size which makes it perfect for scooter share, commuting, and bicycle share. It has an adjustable elastic strap that provides ventilation and lightweight design. The stacks collapse vertically which makes it ideal for backpacks, totes, briefcases, etc. The way the helmet collapses makes it easy to transport on trips.

The collapsing mechanism feels extremely sturdy, and it has plenty of adjustments. The helmet is lightweight and comfortable. This helmet absorbed all of the impacts so that you can walk away with no injuries to the head!

Buy this coolest helmet ever!!

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Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Best stack designed

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2. Overade Plixi Foldable Bicycle Helmet

Overade Plixi Foldable Bicycle Helmet

This is a really great and super sturdy folding bicycle helmet by Overade. Within a second you can obtain a very small packing size as it has a patented folding mechanism.

It has stability and safety features and also best for its durability even after being folded 10,000 times. The product comes with ABS hardshell faceplate with special foam which provides high protection level to your head. It also has three pad sets to adjust to your exact head size that offers comfort and protection.

There are 14 big holes for air circulation purposes. Folds down to one-third of its original size which is the perfect solution for helmet transportation. This best folding bike helmet follows all current safety standards for bicycle helmets so it will be efficient work as a bike helmet too.  

Customers are feeling blissed with this product!

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Key features

  • Provides perfect protection
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Worth for its price

3. Morpher – Flat Folding Helmet

Morpher - Flat Folding Helmet

This is the portable foldable bike helmet for the bike to office commute by Morpher. It Folds really well and is a strong flexible unit.

This best folding bike helmet squeezes beautifully into your very small backpack or purse, allowing you to have a helmet with you at all times. It’s very easy to collapse and assemble, and adjustments to fit are very convenient.

As matt black, regal red, and yellow color are available in this product you can select with your style. This is certified for heads with a circumference of between 52cm and 58cm. This helmet contains a strong magnet that keeps folded when it’s not in use and included with a handy bag for storage.

It is also best for spontaneous cycling and riding a bike. As Morpher Designed in Britain, made in China by the world’s leading Helmet manufacturer, you can buy it confidently!

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Key Features

  • Comfortable
  • Available in vibrant colors
  • Designed in Britain
  • Easy for fold and unfold

4. Ftiier Bike Collapsible Foldable Portable Helmet

Ftiier Bike Collapsible Foldable Portable Helmet

Ftiier comes with this Great Helmet Great Concept. This collapsible bike helmet constructed to add safety and convenience to your life. Solid nylon straps are connected for east fold and space-saving storage.

After folding the size of the helmet is only one-third of its original size. So this is very easy to carry.  To absorb high impact this is comprised of a multi-impact EPS liner.   This best folding helmet is supported by Molded in One Technology and has an ABS exterior hard shell.  The streamlined vents, adjustable internal fit system, and the plush interior lining deliver maximum comfort.

Ftiier Helmet goes with a standard size, equipped with the easy-use dial system and side straps so it’s a Suitable for most adults head circumference from 22 to 24 inches. And this helmet is adjustable for different head sizes too. To provide maximum comfort and sweat management the inside of the helmet has a detachable sponge lining.

This unit comes with the 30-vent configuration which Offers optimal airflow and minimal wind resistance. So whenever you go for riding this helmet make you feel cool and comfortable.

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Key Features

  • Adjustable Dial
  • Detachable Sponge Lining
  • Lightweight Design
  • Foldable and practical design
  • Suitable for a wide range of people to use
  • High-quality ventilation system

5. Brooks England Foldable Helmet

Brooks England Foldable Helmet

The Brooks England Foldable helmet quickly compacts into its smaller size and can more easily fit into some bags. These helmets follow all EN 1078 and CPSC certifications for impact resistance and provide high safety whenever you go for a bike or cycle riding.

This best folding bike helmet is designed in Italy with quality materials. After being foldable the size of the helmet reduces the size by 20%. The adjustable leather strap is included. The inner padding of the helmet is Detachable, Breathable, and Washable. This is the best folding bicycle helmet for nice ventilation.

Pick this helmet as it Fits properly and looks awesome!

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Key Features

  • Comfortable inner padding
  • Made with high-quality material
  • Compact
  • Highly ventilated


Safety is gainful, an accident is painful! So, wear helmets and have a safe ride.